How do I select a VPN or proxy?

1.If you need constant access to the Internet to send and receive data that should be encrypted, or if your company must hide data, a VPN will be the better choice.

2. If an organization only needs to allow its users to browse the Internet anonymously, proxy servers can solve the problem. This is a better solution if you just want to know which sites your team members are using, or if you want to make sure they have access to sites that are blocked from users in your country.

3. VPNS are better suited for business use because users typically need two-way secure data transmission. Corporate information and personal data can be very valuable in the wrong hands, and VPNS provide the encryption needed to protect it. A proxy server may be a suitable choice for personal use where violations only affect you (a single user). You can also use both techniques together, especially if you want to restrict the websites that users in your network visit while encrypting their communications.

If you need multiple different proxy IP, we recommend using RoxLabs