What are the ways to set up a proxy server?

What are the ways to set up a proxy server?

Follow these steps to set up the proxy server:

Perform the following steps on the administrative console tree:

1.To set up the unassigned SecurityServer configuration proxy server, expand the appropriate SecurityServer node.

2.To set up the SecurityServerConfigurationAgent server, please open the configuration file node.

3.Next, expand the file node where you want to configure the proxy server Settings.

4.Select a Settings node.

5.In the workspace, open the proxy server Settings area.

6.AgentServices Address: Enter the proxy server address into the field.

7.Portal: region Enter the port number of the proxy server.

8.The default port number is 8080.

9.If authentication is required to connect to the specified proxy server, select Use authentication and enter account: region name and password: region.

10.To connect to the Kaspersky Secure Network and force anti-spam update service using the proxy server configurator, select access to KSN using a proxy server and execute the anti-spam Update Service selection box.Click the Save button.

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