Two ways to change a computer's servers address

Because of the increasing popularity of the Internet, people use it more and more. Shopping, playing games, selling food and so on. It would be impossible without the support of the Internet. The Internet facilitates our life, clothing, housing and transportation. In addition to the above functions, network access to the computer is currently the mainstream way of work. To connect these devices, network operators need to publish servers addresses to Internet devices. People can access the Internet, because servers is the network ID card and passport, inseparable from the Internet. Its importance is self-evident. However, in the actual use of network, DUE to various restrictions of Internet, servers restriction and servers blocking often occur. Usually using the network requires changing the new servers address. So, you can change the emergency servers address in two ways.

1. Restart the router for new dialing.

A computer's network access is usually dialled to the network operator through the router device, which is then sent by the carrier server so that we can restart the router device to dial. If a new servers address is obtained, you can switch servers addresses.

2. Replace servers proxy with proxy.

To change an servers address quickly, you need to change the servers through an servers proxy ( You have static servers and dynamic servers resources of different cities and regions in China. You can switch servers by app software with one click. New user Xiaobai can easily modify servers, widely used in reptile Python, multi-game, account registration and other industries.

There are two ways to change a computer's servers address. In particular, you need to change servers addresses based on the actual situation to solve THE servers address switchover problem, improve the network operation efficiency, and smooth network operation.

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