How to set IP rotation for web crawler?

To set this up, you must use the IP rotation of the web crawler. If there is no proxy, IP rotation will not be activated for the crawler because it is expected that the crawler's site will not allow it to crawl and extract data.

1. Take a set of IP addresses and create a list in your agent software and apply the rotation algorithm. The most common rotation algorithm is the loop method. However, you can apply different other logic, such as the least-join algorithm or even the ordered set algorithm. Depending on your software skills, you may need to understand how to set up a proxy server first, and then the rotation algorithm.

2. In many cases, you need to be aware that the bandwidth of the agent is limited, so your software should also be careful not to exceed the allowable bandwidth for a given IP, or your network will be out of control.

After all, setting up Ip rotation for a web crawler is a process that involves many other factors, such as ensuring that the proxy is valid for a given site.

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