Online game accelerator acceleration failure how to do?

Online game accelerator acceleration failure solutions! With the rapid development of network communication, online games also rise rapidly and are deeply loved by the majority of users. Many players in the use of online game accelerator will encounter acceleration failure problem, this is very common, the following xiaobian to share with you online game accelerator acceleration failure solution.

1. Upgrade to the latest client version.

Sometimes acceleration fails because the accelerator version is too old. This time you need to download the latest version of the online game accelerator.

2. The wireless network is unstable.

Replacement wired networks are aimed at laptop wireless network players. The wireless network itself is unstable, the node server effect is poor, out of control. A wired network is recommended for accelerated connection.

3. Disable the firewall for interception.

Some users using accelerators in Internet cafes may cause acceleration failure. Internet cafes may have firewalls or permissions. You are advised to disable the firewall.

4. Repair the network.

Online game accelerator has its own network repair feature. Click the small arrow in the upper right corner and choose - Repair Tools - Network Reset (LSP Repair) from the pop-up menu.

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