What is a public proxy

1. A public proxy is one that any Internet user can access. When you use a closed proxy, you can only store and forward Internet services within a network group, but with an open proxy, any Internet user can use this forwarding service.

Most users use the proxy remain anonymous when browsing the Internet, but only on such measures may not be able to achieve true anonymity and extensive Internet security, because the website operators can use the client script to determine the real IP address of the browser, and open the agent may retain a log of all connections, this will bring you a disadvantage.

2. Simply put, anyone can use a public proxy. These are also called "open" or "free" agents. It can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously.

Although there are many public proxies online, it is strongly recommended to take precautions when using these agents. "Free" often doesn't have the security, anonymity, and other advantages of a paid product or service. Both of these features are the main reasons users need online proxies.

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