This section describes frequently asked questions about proxy Proxy server addresses

Crawlers on the Internet can replace people's automatic collection and collation of data information on the Internet. Crawlers are widely used, such as crawling and listing websites in search engines, collecting data from data analysis and mining, and financial analysis also collects financial data. In addition, web crawler can also be applied to public opinion monitoring and analysis, target user data collection and other fields.

In order to obtain valuable data and information, a large number of crawlers continue to run every day. However, many problems can arise if proxy Proxy server is not used properly. What are the common problems? Look at the apocalypse.

How much do you know about proxy Proxy server faQs?

1. The proxy Proxy server address is not anonymous and can be identified by the target website.

There are many types of proxy Proxy server, such as transparent proxy. A common proxy can be easily detected by the target website. A high-hiding proxy can completely hide the local Proxy server address and is difficult to discover.

Authorization invalidation;

All users need to use the authorization whitelist before using the premium proxy Proxy server. If you fail to use the authorization whitelist, the site will be inaccessible.

3. If the EXTRACTED Proxy server address is not used in time, the Proxy server address is invalid.

There is a problem that many users misunderstand. They treat the proxy Proxy server as the timing of its use. In fact, the proxy Proxy server is extracted from the API. If not, the proxy Proxy server will not be able to access the site.

4. Restrictions on Proxy server addresses of personal agents;

The Proxy server proxy is not 100% effective. It is normal to mask proxy Proxy server addresses. Many users are aware of the limitations of accessing proxy Proxy server addresses too frequently. Some carriers have small Proxy server pools, and many people may have used the same Proxy server, so there are restrictions before they can access the site.

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