The importance of independent IP for website construction

Talk about the importance of independent IP in website construction! According to incomplete statistics, about 40% of the enterprises in the market will choose economic space and servers to save money, this part of the space and servers are often leased with other enterprises. It's cheap, but it's a big problem. What are the disadvantages of renting a server? Why is a standalone IP server better used by enterprises? Next, Bian shaw tells you about the advantages of independent IP.

1. Domain name binding is exempted.

Users can analyze domain names directly on independent IP addresses without being bound to the virtual host control panel.

2. Reduce the probability that THE IP address is blocked.

Avoid a site involving a large number of closed illegal sites will affect a large number of gate fire affected pond fish.

3. Not affected by attacks.

When other virtual clients on the same server are attacked (such as DDOS), the independent IP virtual host is not affected.

4, improve the user site by the search engine included level and opportunity.

If an IP address corresponds to only one site, the search engine will evaluate the high quality of the site, thus increasing the level of inclusion. Search engines are easier to grab web pages, conducive to website promotion and network marketing.

5, can directly use IP access site.

Users can directly access sites using an independent IP address, avoiding errors caused by common shared IP addresses. In addition, the enterprise image can be improved, and universal domain name binding can be implemented.

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