What is the function of proxy server software?

What are the main functions of the proxy server software? server proxy software, namely proxy serverr, is used to protect users. It mainly works in the dialogue layer of the Open System Internet (OSI) model and acts as a firewall. Most HTTP proxy serverrs are used to connect to NTERNET and intranets. Its main uses and functions are as follows:


1. Set user authentication and billing functions.


Accounts can be made according to user requirements. Unregistered users have no right to access the Internet through the proxy serverr. Users can collect information such as access time, location, and information flow.


2. Users can be managed at different levels.


Set different access permissions, or filter external or internal Internet addresses to set access permissions.


3. Increase buffer to improve access speed.


Creating buffers for frequently visited sites greatly improves site access efficiency and reduces buffer time. Usually HTTP proxy serverrs set a larger disk buffer. Every time an external message passes, it is stored in the buffer. When it is known that another user is visiting again, the buffer provides information directly to the user to speed up access.


4. Connect the internal network and the Internet as a firewall.


All users access the external network through the HTTP proxy serverr and are mapped to only one server address. Therefore, the external network cannot directly access the user's own network. In addition, server addresses can be filtered to restrict external access to the internal network.


5. Save server resources.


The server proxy software can use a large number of pseudo server addresses to save online resources. That is, the HTTP proxy serverr can reduce the need for server addresses. For LAN access to the Internet, if you apply for an server address for each user on a local area network (LAN), you can imagine the cost. However, if you use an HTTP proxy serverr, you only need a valid server address on the HTTP proxy serverr. Other users on the LAN can use private server addresses such as 10.*.*.*.*.


Another advantage of THE server proxy software is that it can manage network resources through server addresses and restrict the access of some network resources to users in specific areas to protect their regions.

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