What do you mean by proxy error

1. Proxy errors occur when an organization configures its primary proxy ISA server to filter hypertext transfers, extensions or signatures supported by protocol content.

Therefore, whenever you or any member of your organization tries to access a bound URL on the network, the organization's main proxy server creates a proxy error message.

2. Proxy errors can be a server weakness.

Error messages are sometimes messages sent to your laptop via proxy servers from the largest network networks. The agent error is indicated by error code 502.

3. Proxy errors may be a form of network security discovered by Network Security and Acceleration (ISA) to protect your network from internal and external threats.

Proxy errors indicate that Web users are not allowed to access specific Web sites or generic resource locators. This restriction is enforced by the organization's network administrator or website /URL creator to protect non-public content, that is, viewable by specific individuals only.

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