What is a residential proxy

1. The residential agent operates within the default IP (residential IP) address assigned to you by the Internet service provider.

Each home agent address is mapped to a physical site. Although the World Wide Web is huge and countless devices are logged on to the network, all places are traceable by IP address. Therefore, if you access the network without a proxy, you will give away information every time you use the network. This may expose your browser preferences, cookies, and your real IP address.

2. Browsing the Web without a residential agent limits access to geographic, locked-in content.

This means you may not be able to get anything you like based on your country. Also, suppose your job involves using bots or scraping information on a human networking platform for SEO surveys and setup. In this case, your home IP address may be identified and blocked, resulting in an inability to obtain the desired web page. Fortunately, with a residential agent system, you can circumvent these problems.

Fortunately, technology such as the residential agent network allows us to bypass these problems.

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