What is the purpose of a free proxy server?

What is the purpose of a free proxy server? Nowadays network market had moved, for a variety of network information have emerged, people just for the information access and the point does not seem to be in place, at the time of access to relevant information is likely to go to the wall, also may disclose personal information, so in this process, most of the staff is very dependent on free proxy server, What is the purpose of its use?

1、it can improve security, for the whole information cache work to do just right.

Because people have corresponding needs for information, they often cache in advance. If the caching process is limited by various aspects, they can use proxy server at any time, because this server improves people's security awareness to a certain extent, and also protects people's privacy from infringement.

2、It can also filter content.

Because nowadays have sprung up on the network information is too much, some information for their not much use or misleading, so need to complete the filtration system, if no support by the right software can directly select the proxy server, because the product of information filtering function more authority, and the filtration efficiency is higher, The filtration was just right.

The most common purpose of the free proxy server is nothing more than free, because many platforms can provide free services, so after obtaining this service, we do not need to pay any amount of capital fees, to a certain extent, to protect people's economic situation, to avoid the emergence of economic pressure.

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