How can I get a free proxy server?

Proxy IP can be free or charged, but in most cases, free IP is not recommended for the following reasons:

1,The efficiency is too low online collection of a lot of results, used once, can not connect, use again or not, tested more than ten times, none of them can be used, too waste of time. The speed is too slow to find usable, the result is stuck to death, open a simple web page to spend a long time, there is no way to operate, nothing useful.

2, Failure too fast painstaking to find an effective faster, haven't started to do the task, has been ineffective.

3, Many free proxy IP are unstable, available for a while, and not available for a while, can not do business. So down, take the time to collect down the free IP, the utilization rate is so low, pay and harvest is not proportional, no wonder even if there are free things in front of us, will try to choose high quality charging agent.

To sum up, if the demand for IP is not high, you can try free IP. If you need high-quality proxy, you can try Roxlabs. Now you can register and send 500MB free experience, including a variety of proxy in the world can be tried.