Does Facebook need to use proxies

Proxy services may be needed when you use Facebook in any of the following scenarios:

1. Multiple accounts need to be created

To carry out marketing campaigns, many brands create multiple accounts on Facebook. The platform will limit this behavior, first by IP, so in order to perform multiple account operations, you need to use proxy services.

2. Geographical restrictions need to be lifted

Although Facebook is one of the large social platforms, it is not allowed to be used in many countries. Therefore, the only way to access the social media platform from these locations is to change the IP location. In this case, the role of proxy service becomes particularly important.

3. Crawler collection data

Some crawler activities need to visit the platform for many times or with high frequency, and the prohibition of non-user operations on the platform will limit the number of visits within a single IP address. In this case, proxy service is required to constantly change IP addresses for access.

4. Check your platform's AD rankings

If you want to see whether your advertising series ranking is accurate, it is best to change the IP address for query, so that the query results are more accurate.

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