How to set up proxy service on PC?

The following describes how to configure the proxy service on a PC:

1.Press the Windows + I key to access the Windows Settings menu.

2. On Windows 10, choose Settings > Network and Internet > Proxy . On Windows 8, click Settings > Network Proxy.

3. In Manual Setup, switch Use a Proxy Server to On. Make sure the Automatic Detection Settings switch is also turned on.

4. By default, Windows automatically checks to see if your business, school, or local network is ready to run automatic proxy server Settings for you. If it is, Windows tells you its name and encourages you to follow its instructions.

5. Assuming Windows finds the PAC file, in automatic proxy Settings, set the setup script switch to On.

6. Enter the script address and click Save.

Proxy are essential for better data collection, can stream content from geographically restricted sites without being blocked or tagged.

Recommended operating system: Windows 8 or Windows 10.