Are VPNs illegal?

Many countries, including the US, consider VPNS legal. There are many other countries that ban VPNS. Examples include Iraq, Belarus, China, Russia, Oman, North Korea and the United Arab Emirates. In these countries, both users and VPN service providers may face serious consequences for using prohibited VPNS. The law will depend on different countries.

The idea of web privacy (no logging) and content availability is generally accepted as law, VPNS are primarily used commercially to provide secure communications, for access to closed corporate systems, etc. There is nothing illegal about the agreement itself. However, it is up to users to decide whether they are using a VPN for legitimate or illegal purposes.

If you use a VPN for malicious purposes, you can get in trouble, and there are plenty of ways to track a VPN user. It's also legal for users to use them (I'm not aware of anyone being charged for circumventing geoblocking). Most of the time, geographic blockades occur because of copyright law, and isPs or Netflix have little interest in pushing them.