What kind of network does Roxlabs provide?

Roxlabs provides various proxy networks, each with different characteristics.

Our data center network: Provide a cost-effective solution that saves costs per GB by optimizing the use of websites that have basic security features. We currently provide more than 110,000 data center IPs in the United States, with fast response time and 99.9% network uptime.

Our residential network: contains more than 20 million IPs worldwide, and it is growing every day. Our P2P residential IP comes directly from the end user's device, and provides the greatest IP reputation for complex web crawling projects.

Our static residential network: NetNut's original network, containing millions of static IPs. And based on hundreds of ISP partnerships in more than 50 countries/regions. This network not only has the advantages of reliable residential IP, but also has the ability to retain IP when needed.