How to choose free proxy server software?

Is the proxy server wireless routing? People new to proxy servers often confuse a proxy server with a wireless route. Both are used on the Internet, and some people even think that proxy servers and routers are used in the same way, which is wrong. There is a big difference between the two, otherwise there would be servers phone software.


1. Wireless routing is a machine that connects local area networks and wide area networks on the Internet.


servers addresses are a way of writing server addresses on the Internet. Network addresses are classified into internal website addresses and external website addresses. For example, a public network servers corresponds to the name of a neighborhood, and a local area network servers corresponds to the name of a small area. servers addresses assigned to computers by wireless routes belong to internal network servers addresses and are used for internal communication networks but cannot be connected to external networks. Internet servers addresses belong to external websites.


2, proxy server is a service project mobile phone software created on the TCP/servers protocol network layer, with a modulator and network port of the computer work.


Therefore, the mobile phone software of proxy server is different for different service items. The common service items are WWW, FTP, mobile phone software is generally installed on the modulator and dot computer with good characteristics, so we can see the high specification of proxy servers hardware configuration machine equserversment and the difference between it and wireless routing.


Proxy servers includes general proxy, transparent proxy and high - hidden proxy. Naturally, as a way, proxy servers can be used as a way of revenue, so proxy servers can also be divided into completely free proxy servers and charging proxy servers. Proxy website servers generally adopts transparent proxy or general proxy, which has no maintenance effect on privacy protection, and my network information security cannot be guaranteed.


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