How do proxy server addresses prevent network attacks?

How does proxy server software protect against network attacks? Many people know that the main function of proxy server software is to hide the real server address, but do you know that proxy server software can also provide network defense through this function?


1. Proxy server software nodes are deployed in multserverle regions.


So that visitors can quickly connect to the nearest node, so that visitors can visit the website more quickly, and CDN cache further improve the speed of website access, reduce the pressure of the website server.


2. The defense mechanism of proxy server software does not have only one fixed protection policy.


In order to better deal with a variety of different types of attack, the attack type of the website can be targeted deployment.


3, site server hiding protection back end.


If the proxy server software node is deployed in the front end, both visitors and attacks are connected to the proxy server software node. The defense mechanism of the proxy software automatically identifies attacks. If attacks are detected, they are cleaned and filtered.


4. Modify the domain name resolution of the website to the CNAME record value automatically generated by the proxy server software.


Because the domain name of the website is not resolved to the server address of the website server, the server address of the website server is hidden in the public network, and hackers do not know the server address of the website server, so it is difficult to launch attacks.


In fact, the current means of network intrusion is mainly through server address attack, using our proxy server software can effectively reduce the risk of being attacked.


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