Why do e-commerce companies use high - secret proxies?

1. If the same IP address is repeatedly operated, the anti-cheating system will work and the account will be blocked.

Brushing is not easy, but any e-commerce platform has a reverse brushing mechanism. For example, IP addresses are verified for each click and browse evaluation. In this case, the role of high - hidden IP proxy is particularly important.

2. Considering the anti-cheating system of the e-commerce platform, the operation of the same IP is obviously not feasible.

So you need a lot of different ips to operate. Many stores employ a hiring crowd tactic to avoid detection of anti-cheating systems. But this method is inefficient, difficult to control, the effect of different people. The biggest problem is the high cost. On the contrary, if the use of highly anonymous IP proxy for e-commerce operations, the first will reduce costs. Only the cost of purchasing IP, the whole process is controllable, the quality will vary from person to person, by professionals responsible for quality assurance.

However, some reported that the anti-cheating system would be triggered even if IP proxy services were used. Not only was the account closed, but the store was also affected. Credit rating downgrades, even store closures, the losses are far outweighed. This is because it is possible to use free P proxies, most of which have no high hiding effect and can track the original IP.

First, IP proxies can be classified as free or paid. Free often has slow speed, IP address is not available, anonymity level is not enough or transparent proxy, the risk of being caught, etc. It is only suitable for practice and learning.

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