Which industries will use server proxy?

The rapid development of Internet has brought people a lot of convenience, food and clothing live line depends on its existence, the rise of electricity and broadcast industries is to let many people see the tremendous business opportunities, in the Internet economy, but in many networks are often problems such as the limited server packets, server, this led to the line work and projects, A serious drag on the progress of the work. In fact, the use of server proxy technology can solve and optimize this kind of network problems, the following xiaobian and xiaobian together to see, which industries need its help?


1. Help the crawler Python industry solve server limitations.


Python is today the most popular a kind of data collection technology, it climb fetching data from the Internet, and to analyze the valuable information, at the same time, data crawling frequency is very high, on the climb take the user's computer server to perform an server restrictions after processing, when climbing, when you pick up the speed beyond the target server setup this server will not be able to continue to crawl the server.


2. Help game studios to solve the problem of server sealing for games with too many openings.


At present, many game players or game studios are using emulators, virtual machines and other ways to open the game for many times, so that the gold coins in the game can get many times the income, and the same server address to log in to multserverle game accounts will lead to the game account blocked or server blocked problem.


The above server proxy helps these industries, and its role can be far more than this. In other Industries of the Internet, server proxy can help them better solve network server problems, improve Internet access efficiency and facilitate their network access more smoothly.


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