What is a hidden proxy?


The high-hiding proxy has a good disguise for visitors, using the original IP to hide the information of the proxy, the target is only treated as ordinary visitors, the highest degree of hiding, so it is called the high-hiding proxy.

2. Principle of proxy IP

When you connect to a proxy server, the data jumps through the proxy server, which records your real IP(or not, depending on how the proxy server is configured). Therefore, the real address cannot be found until the owner of the proxy server is found and the IP access record is also queried. (Generally not, except in government law enforcement)

3. advantages

(1) High-hiding proxy has the best concealment, it not only replaces the user's own IP with random IP, but also hides the proxy information, so that the accessed object cannot detect that the user is accessed through proxy IP, which is not able to be achieved by transparent proxy and ordinary anonymous proxy.

(2) Because high-hidden proxy IP can completely hide the USER's IP and information, and will not have any feeling on the target access object, the advantages of high-hidden proxy IP are also obvious, and users are more assured to use it.

In the choice of IP proxy, can be roughly divided into three kinds, from all aspects of the performance of the use of high proxy is undoubtedly the best choice.

The above is the introduction of high proxy, compared with other proxy methods, the advantage is very obvious.

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