What is web proxy?

Web proxy is a new term that many people recognize, but it is not the case. The term "web proxy" has been used in foreign countries and has become an important means of foreign marketing. It has been widely used and highly appraised.


1, Web proxy, simple explanation is to replace the hypertext protocol of the Web page, and can do some blocked websites can be accessed.


In addition, in the process of using the agent, you can access some foreign websites at a faster speed. But to use a proxy, you need to have a server, and choose the best foreign one. For the ash industry or a large number of marketing industry, the sense is a good batch, efficient marketing assistance.


2. From the practical point of view, it is a transfer station similar to a data connection transfer station function.


Some data can be bridged, quickly transmitted, and computer collated into the user's computer screen to see the image. And the proxy also has to assume the stability of data transmission, so many web proxies in server optimization, most will speed up the network, so that it has efficient transmission characteristics.


In addition, from data security considerations, web proxy is also a camouflage technology. If the hacker is to engage in illegal activities, it can also prevent the loss of important information and data caused by the intrusion event to a certain extent. Can not say, the use of proxy does have many advantages, also has many advantages to the web development, choose this, I believe will not let a person down.

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