Can dynamic IP proxy collect data?

How to use dynamic IP proxy to collect data? Web data crawl is the process of getting special content from a web site without requiring the site's API jack to get the content. As part of the website customer experience, web data information, such as a web page of text, images, noise, video and animation, etc., are treated as web data information, but in the whole process, if many applications the same IP practice repeatedly, would be limited, must have application agent to assist at this time, to maximize the efficiency and effect.

It's easy and fun for programmers or developers to have the ability to write programs that force them to build a web data crawler flow. But for most people who don't have all the programming expertise, it's best to use some Internet crawler to get specific content from specific web pages.

1. Get content from dynamic websites.

Web pages can be static or dynamic. Generally speaking, the pages you want to get will change depending on the time you spend browsing the site. Typically, the site is a dynamic web page that uses AJAX techniques or other techniques to instantly upgrade the page. AJAX is a scripting technique for timed loading and multithreading upgrades. Depending on background administration and a small amount of data transfer from the server virtual machine, you can upgrade a portion of a web page without reloading all of them. The main performance is to click an option in the web page, most of the website url remains unchanged; Web pages are not fully loaded, only partially loaded, with some changes.

2.Crawl hidden content from web pages.

Do you want to get special data information from a website, but if you open a link or hover over a certain point, the content appears? Web sites must be moved by the computer mouse over the selection to display information for classification, so you can set the computer mouse over the connection to crawl hidden content in the web page.

3. Get content from endless flipping pages.

After flipping to the bottom of the page, some data information you need always appears on some websites. For today's top page, for example, you have to keep flipping to the bottom of the page to load more articles. Endless flipping sites often use AJAX or JavaScript to request additional content from the site. In this case, you can set the AJAX request timeout and choose how and when to flip to get the content from the web page.

4. Grab all links from the web page.

The average website contains at least one hyperlink. If you want to get all the links from a web page, you can use the proxy mobile software to get all the links posted on the web page.

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