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How do I check the proxy speed?

You can use free software to test the speed of the proxy, we do not check the network speed after the proxy. This is because an proxy may have different speeds for different users. For example,a proxy that is fast for an American user may be slow for a Japanese user. If you want to test the speed of the network can be checked with software.

Proxy Checker
Supported formats 8080

Only TXT files can be uploaded
Get the IP from the API link, and check.

How to use proxies?

All browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.) support proxy options. When you set the proxy in the browser, the browser will fetch the web page through the proxy network. In this case, the website will treat the proxy IP as your access IP, and your real IP is hidden. We recommend using Roxlabs to set up proxies for your browser.

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