Does proxy setting affect the speed of Internet?


Sandra Pique


After using the proxy, many people will find that the network is different from the original network. In fact, this is a normal line, because the proxy uses the network speed of the IP line, and each proxy's line has its own speed, so it is different from the local network.

In this case, how can we make the proxy faster? In fact, each proxy has different speeds. You can compare several more. For example, the fastest residential proxy provided by Roxlabs, wireless bandwidth and real home network will be faster to use. You can also check the problem through the following points

1. Check local network

If it is very slow when you first use it, you can test the speed of Interner, so as to quickly determine whether the speed is slow due to the use of proxy IP.

2. Modify protocol settings

The proxy has additional security settings. Go to advanced settings on the proxy application and try switching other available Internet protocols.

3. Change server location

If there is a gap between the server and the actual location, it will reduce the Internet speed, and a closer server may increase the speed of the proxy.

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