What does a proxy mean in business?


Ana Quil


In short, agency represents more possibilities in business. At present, business development is inseparable from data analysis, and data analysis is inseparable from data scraping. Network data scraping has special significance. For example, we are familiar with big data, and its development is inseparable from network data scraping. However, network data scraping also has natural enemies. In the process of operation, always be prepared for anti cheating. There are many ways to avoid it. Using proxies is a better choice.

According to statistics, 40% of the broadband resources and server resources of websites frequently attacked by anti crawlers use crawlers. If 10% - 15% of the search engine crawlers are removed and anti crawler strategies are made, 20% - 25% of the resources can be saved. It can be seen that when a web crawler grabs website information, it will increase the server load, while the anti crawler is mainly triggered by IP access. When the IP address is accessed frequently in a short time and exceeds the human click speed, it is determined as a web crawler. As a result, the IP address is restricted, making users unable to access the website for a short time. The use of proxy IP can effectively avoid this phenomenon. While ensuring the access speed of web crawlers, it also reduces the possibility of being blocked by anti crawlers.

Of course, this is only one of the cases. The proxy also plays an important role in marketing promotion and rush buying business.

So how to get the proxy?

1. Register and log in to roxlabs

2. Activate account

3. Start the plan or receive the trial

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