What are cell phone proxy servers?


Ana Quil


Mobile proxiesare just proxies that exclusively utilizes mobile IP addresses from internet service providers (ISPs). These mobile IP addresses were designed to allow continuous internet connectivity and seamless browsing. Usually, you use a mobile IP address on your phone from your ISP whenever you browse.

Do you know that your IP address changes from time to time as you browse with your mobile phone? When the change occurs, the IP address you were using gets assigned to some other customers while you’ll be assigned a new IP address previously used by another customer. And that’s how the cycle continues.

Despite this, you hardly get flagged by website servers that are undoubtedly noticing your constant IP address changes. This is because mobile proxies enjoy a high level of trust; hence, web services can hardly block them. This implies that mobile proxies with mobile IP addresses are very reliable.

There are two popular types of mobile proxies – 3G and 4G proxies, just as we have 3G and 4G technologies on mobile devices. Also, relatively, 4G proxies are faster for browsing than 3G proxies. 

Most of these proxies are virtual, and web-based i.e. you connect to them online like you would connect a datacenter or residential proxy. To connect to a 3G mobile proxy, for instance, you must have a 3G supported SIM from your ISP, 3G supported device, and be in an area that had 3G coverage. The same applies to 4G proxies. 

Some mobile proxies are mobile devices, similar to your Mi-Fis and modems. If you’re browsing with your mobile phone but with a Mi-Fi, the IP address you’re using is that of your Mi-Fi as that’s where the traffic goes through.

It’s the same for mobile proxy devices. You set an IP address of choice, connect your device to the proxy like you would connect a modem, and then browse using the proxy’s IP address while masking yours. However, mobile virtual proxies are more common than mobile proxy devices.

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