What are good residential proxy speeds?


Ana Quil


Residential Proxies are very popular these days and there is a reason behind it. Either you can use it for account management, market research or for purchasing limited-edition sneakers, data-center IP addresses might not be enough. It can be easily recognized by the majority of big internet sites and many times the access to the information is denied.

This is where Residential Proxies come into play. When the route goes through a real home and ISP (Internet Service Providers) it masks the IP address and also cloaks you and makes you seem like a regular network user.

If you need good residential proxy speed, I recommend roxlabs. The following are the reasons for recommending Roxlabs:

1. Have a large IP proxy pool. Worldwide, it has 90 million residential IP and network coverage in more than 200 countries.

2. Have the fastest network connection speed. The unique feature of Roxlabs architecture is that it can provide single hop connection for residential proxies. Traffic is not routed through end-user devices, so there is no bottleneck.

3. Provide free trial. After a new user is registered, 500MB traffic is automatically received, which can be directly extracted and used without limiting the amount of IP.

4. Relatively favorable price. Only $3 / GB can start the residential proxies program, provide the best price in the market, and the quality is like the best-selling product, or even better.

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