What is HTTP proxy for?


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HTTP proxy refers to the behavior of transferring the data accessed using HTTP (HTTP data stream) to a third party (such as website proxy your computer); Or a server with the function of forwarding HTTP messages.

In fact, HTTP is often used to access proxies. For example, if you can't access a website directly (for example, there are IP restrictions, or your network has port restrictions, etc.), You can access it through a proxy. The simplest thing is to set up an HTTP proxy, package your access request, send or receive information in its name, and then forward it to you.

People who often use the Internet may often hear such a word: http proxy. So its real role is ambiguous for many people. Let's popularize it here. HTTP is a common network protocol in most of our network activities, so HTTP proxy is also the most commonly used proxy method for ordinary people. Its application to ordinary Internet users is reflected in the following points.

First of all, IP proxy can access some websites that cannot be accessed at ordinary times. When we surf the Internet, we often encounter the phenomenon that the browser is empty. At this time, HTTP proxy comes in handy. Ipidea global HTTP integrates global IP resources, supports HTTP / HTTPS / Socks5 protocol, anonymous high-speed proxy, lower latency and faster speed to meet your needs.

Second, improve the speed of network browsing. Friends who like foreign websites or websites in Hong Kong and Taiwan often encounter the problem of extremely slow network. At this time, if you use a suitable proxy server, not only the network speed will be improved, but also the effect is very obvious.

Third, connect to the intranet. There are some large LANs in many places. When they access the external network through the proxy server, they will be mapped into an IP. Therefore, the external network cannot directly access the internal network.

To sum up, HTTP proxy is simply a transit station for network information, and its application is also well understood.

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