What is ISP proxy?


Ana Quil


An ISP proxy is a server whose IP address is assigned to users by its Internet service provider or ISP for short. These proxies do not include end-user mobile phones or desktop computers. Instead, the ISP proxy is hosted on the server. In terms of proxy port and session type, ISP proxy is static in nature. Therefore, they are also called static residential proxies, which sometimes come down to simple static proxies.

The ISP proxy works the same way as any other proxy server. They provide you with a new IP address and use it to send your connection request to the website. Therefore, you can hide your IP and location - the website will treat you as a different person.

ISP proxy benefits

High speed, high anonymity, reliable uptime, unlimited bandwidth, etc. Because ISP proxies are anonymous and static, they are more suitable for shopping and creating social media accounts on e-commerce websites, shopping and creating social media accounts on e-commerce websites because they come from legitimate Internet service providers.

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