What is search engine scraping?


James Hunt


Search engine scraping is the automated process of gathering public data, such as URLs, descriptions, and other information from search engines. It’s a form of web scraping that focuses on search engines only. Understanding what information sources can be helpful in business or even research purposes will significantly improve the entire web scraping and analysis effectiveness.

To harvest publicly available data from search engines, you need to use specialized automated tools – search engine scrapers. They allow you to collect the search results for any given query and return the data in a structured format.

Scraping search engine results

The most basic information companies gather from search engines are keywords relevant to their industry and SERP rankings. Knowing the successful practices of rankings on SERPs can help companies make essential decisions whether it is worth trying something competitors do. Being aware of what is happening in the industry can help shape SEO or digital marketing strategies.

Scraping SERP results can also help check if search engines find relevant information according to the queries submitted. Companies scrape SERP data and check if their entered search terms match what they expect. This information can change the entire content and SEO strategy because knowing which search terms find content related to their industry can help companies focus on what content they need.

Using an advanced search engine results scraper powered by proxies can even help companies see how time and geolocation change specific search results. This is especially important for businesses that sell their products or provide their services worldwide.

I recommend checking these providers:

Roxlabs provides business intelligence data, advanced proxies and enterprise level support. Their team has decades of personal experience in the network data collection and extraction industry, so they know what is most effective. Roxlabs claims that they have residential proxies from any country and city in the world. You can find interactive maps on their website and see how many IPS they have in each country. Roxlabs provides residential and data center proxies for its customers. You can view the service pricing of residential proxies and data center proxies.

Here are some of the benefits of using roxlabs services:

  • Residential and private http / HTTPS proxies;

  • 30 + million residential proxies and 1.5 + million private proxies;

  • 7-day free trial without credit card;

Roxlabs proxies is most suitable for SEO, network crawling, data mining and geolocation crawling.

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