How to prevent being blacklisted when scraping data?


James Hunt


Network capture is very useful for enterprises. It can help enterprises or individuals obtain high-quality public data and facilitate individuals or enterprises to analyze data. Because the speed of web page capture is relatively fast, IP is easy to be blacklisted by websites and forbidden to visit. So, how to prevent being blacklisted when fetching data?

1. Using a proxy server

When you want to grab a website, multiple users are blocked because their IP address is leaked, and the proxy server is designated to eliminate this situation. Let the proxy server run with you when you perform network crawling activities, so that your brand will not be blacklisted during crawling.

2. Eliminate login

Another way to detect your web crawl activity is when you try to do this on a website with a login name. When the website owner realizes that the request comes from the same IP address multiple times, you will be blocked. It is wiser to avoid grabbing pages from logged in pages.

3. Watch out for honeypot traps

The concept of honeypot trap is that it is installed to capture hackers and users who want to access information but are not authorized. It is an application that copies the real system. In this system, ordinary users can't see the link, but web crawlers can see it. When you see it's best to take a step back, because once you try to go further, you will fall into a trap and be easily blocked.

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