Which is better socks vs http proxy speed?


Ana Quil


here are they important differences in the way SOCKS and HTTP proxy protocols work.


  • Is built to transmit hypertext traffic like a webpage

  • Is an ‘Application Layer’ proxy

  • Can be encrypted (HTTPS)

  • Can communicate with HTTP torrent trackers

  • CANNOT transmit BitTorrent file ‘pieces’ between torrent peers

  • CANNOT hide your real IP address from peers

Bottom Line: An HTTP proxy is not suitable for torrent privacy because peers will still see your real IP address. You can use an HTTP proxy to unblock torrent trackers or sites that may be blocked by a firewall.

A SOCKS Proxy:

  • Can transmit almost any sort of traffic

  • Can include an encryption layer (usual SSH)

  • Can communicate with HTTP or DHT trackers

  • CAN transmit file data between BitTorrent peers

  • CAN hide you real IP address from peers

Bottom Line: A SOCKS5 proxy is a low-level proxy, meaning it isn’t restricted to specific applications or traffic types. A SOCKS5 proxy can handle BitTorrent peer communications and will obscure your IP address in swarms.

A SOCKS5 proxy is the best type of proxy to use for torrent privacy.

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