What is a ipv4 shared proxy?


James Hunt


The benefits of using shared proxies

Less expensive

The main advantage of shared proxies is that they are usually less expensive than dedicated proxies. This is the usual reason that some people choose to use a shared IP.

Since proxy providers are selling the same IPs to several users, it’s a lot cheaper to maintain shared proxy servers. Providers can split the costs and offer a lower price.

In some cases, shared proxies can be a viable option for the beginners to experiment until realizing the exact needs for their project while keeping the starting costs on the lower side.

Good with most scraping tools

Shared proxies can be useful when using specific web scraping tools, as long as the target website doesn’t block the assigned IP address.

Highly anonymous

Let’s not forget that shared proxies offer high anonymity because with multiple users sharing the same IP address it’s almost impossible to identify a single user.


It can be argued that using a shared IP can be as efficient and effective as semi dedicated or private proxies.

Obviously, it all goes down to the user’s needs, but if you choose to obtain shared proxies from a reputable proxy provider, usually it is granted that the provider will optimize the use of shared proxies to suit every single user.

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