What is private IP?


Sandra Pique


IP address is the abbreviation of internet protocol address. It is a sequence of numbers assigned to each device accessing the Internet. It identifies the location of a specific server connected to the Internet. The private IP address is the address assigned to your device by your network router. Each device in the same network is assigned a unique private IP address (sometimes called a private network address)

In the proxy server field, private IP can be compared with shared IP. Private IP means that the IP address is owned by one person, while shared IP may be the IP address used by dozens, hundreds or even countless people. In this way, we can understand the advantages of private IP:

1. The speed is relatively fast, because there are fewer trials compared with shared IP, so the speed will be faster

2. The success rate is higher and the number of IP users is less, so the probability of disabling IP for crawling and other work is lower.

How to get private IP?

It can be obtained through Roxlabs. The residential IP provided by Roxlabs is all from the real home network. Use from any country and city to solve the location / website IP restrictions and multi scenario business support We ensure that our proxy resources are stable and reliable, so there will be no problems in crawling.

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