Why do we need HTTP proxy?


Sandra Pique


HTTP proxy means a kind of proxy server. Www connection request adopts HTTP protocol. Therefore, when browsing web pages and downloading data (FTP protocol can also be adopted), HTTP proxy is used. It is usually bound to ports 80, 3128, 8080, etc. of the proxy server.

Proxy, also known as network proxy, is a special network service, It allows a network terminal (usually a client) to connect indirectly with another network terminal (usually a server) through this service. Some network devices such as gateways and routers have network proxy function. It is generally believed that proxy service is conducive to ensuring the privacy or security of the network terminal and preventing attacks.

Nowadays, HTTP proxy is an important tool in people's work. Web crawler is a program mainly used for search engines. It can read all the contents and links of the website and establish relevant full-text indexes in the database. When people query keywords in search engines, they compare the contents of the database to find the information that best meets the needs of users. Because crawling information will bring great pressure to the server, many websites adopt anti crawling mechanism, which is also the reason why IP will be blocked when users grab information.

When IP is blocked, HTTP proxy can be used. HTTP proxy is a common form of proxy used in browsers, which can perfectly disguise your actual IP address. If you use the rotation HTTP proxy provided by Roxlabs. When you visit the target website again, the other party will think you are a new user and allow you to visit, so as to continue to capture the website information.

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