How to list of user agents for scraping?


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What is user proxy?

Did you know that everyone who is currently browsing the web has a user agent? The definition of a user proxyitself indicates that it serves as a user representative on the internet. But what does the user proxyrepresent the user to? What is user agent?

User proxyacts as the bridge between the user and the internet. Imagine if you needed to specify information about your browser, operating system, software, and device type every single time you browse any website. Surfing the internet would be very complicated and time consuming. This is the reason why every browser has a user agent.

User agents for price scraping

Price Scraping is one of the most important types of web scraping for every business. It helps e-commerce companies to follow the real-time selling prices of products on their competitors’ sites.

Of course, some websites block any scraping because, for example, they do not believe in open data access. There are more ways to block web scraping, but one of them is to block requests from user agents that don’t belong to the main browsers. It’s one of the first checks that allows data sources to identify suspicious requests.

When web scraping is in process, the web server receives numerous requests. If user agents, for example, are identical, the web server identifies requests as suspicious activity. Most web scrapers don’t bother to change their user agents, but as you now understand, it’s crucial.

Also, you should remember to keep the user agents up to date because every browser or operating system changes user agents.

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