How to get fast residential proxies?


Ana Quil


All their standard proxies are based on datacentre address ranges, yet they also have a selection of Premium Dedicated Residential proxies plus servers with IPs specifically designed for certain services. So if you were intending to make some money as a Ticket reseller then you’d pick Roxlabs proxies for example.

So there’s choices to be made depending on the purpose required. Often it’s a balance between price, quality and speed – some tasks are more restrictive than others. Typically anything to do with making multiple purchases from any sorts of E-Commerce servers require fast residential proxies which normally are the most expensive. Lots of SEO tasks though can be accomplished with most IP addresses so it makes sense to choose the cheapest in these scenarios.

Which Residential Proxy should you use in 2021

Anyone looking to buy proxy servers should consider the following factors carefully –

Residential or Commercial – Residential addresses are more expensive and harder to find.

Location of IP registration – sometimes you may even need specific cities, generally right country is enough

Speed – if you’re looking to cop a few sneakers on a big release, speed will matter too.

Static or Rotating – static addresses are again more expensive, however rotating addresses often have ‘sticky modes’ where they don’t change as often.

If you’re not sure then it’s best to ask the proxy providers as they’ll normally be able to help you. I can definitely recommend Roxlabs if you’re looking for US based residential IP addresses although they have just added other Tier 1 countries like UK, Canada and some in Europe too.

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