what is residential ips proxy?


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What is a Residential IP Address?

When a user is connected to the internet, an IP address is assigned by the internet service provider. Information about the IP address is readily accessible, such as the ISP and the approximate location of the user. The name and the exact address of the user is not revealed.

So, if you are using a residential IP address as your proxy when accessing the internet, it means you’re utilizing a genuine address provided by an ISP. Your real IP address will be masked and you will be utilizing an IP address that is connected to a real residential address, which makes it difficult for websites to block or ban.

What is a Datacenter Proxy?

Datacenter proxies are not owned by internet service providers. They do not lend out IP address for the user to use in place of their own IP address. How it works is, it acts as a shield between the user and anyone (websites) who are trying to look up the user’s IP address. Instead of revealing the user’s IP address, the datacenter proxy provider’s details will come up.


The difference between these two types of proxies is that residential IP addresses give the impression of a regular household browsing the web while datacenter proxies make it clear the user is utilizing them to hide their identity.

There’s also a significant difference in cost. Residential IP addresses are considerably more difficult to procure and can be a bit costly while datacenter proxies can be created and used in significant numbers easily.

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