How to fix proxy 504 gateway timeout error?


Sandra Pique


The HTTP status code is the status that the server indicates the response to the browser. When server (a) acts as an external gateway or proxy and does not receive a response from the next server (b) in time, it will receive "504 - gateway timeout" when trying to access to implement the request. This article will focus on the method of repairing the timeout error of proxy 504 gateway.

1. Reload page

When a 504 gateway timeout error is encountered, first try to reload the page. In the meantime, you can also try to load the site in different browsers to troubleshoot the problem.

2. Restart the network device

Problems with network devices such as routers may lead to 504 gateway timeout errors. Restarting these devices can help you solve the problem.

3. Check your proxy settings

Proxy servers rarely cause 504 errors, but incorrect proxy server settings can also cause 504 gateway timeout errors

4. Server problem

Server problems are one of the most common causes of 504 gateway timeout errors. Due to server overload, high traffic and e-commerce websites are more prone to 504 errors because they generate many requests that cannot be cached.

5. Check your site for plugins and themes

In most cases, third-party plug-ins and themes do not cause 504 errors. However, they can cause the server to time out, usually by queuing many uncached requests generated by plug-ins / topics. Since this takes up a lot of PHP staff on the server, it may cause 504 errors.

6. Check the error log

When troubleshooting and debugging 504 errors, viewing the error log is very useful to help you quickly narrow down the problems on the website.

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