What does it mean that the proxy has a 508 restriction error?


Sandra Pique


When the server does not support the HTTP protocol version and uses it in the request message, it will receive a "505 - HTTP version does not support" code. This HTTP response code means that the server cannot communicate with the client for any reason - whether it's an incorrect URL, a connection problem, or an outdated client. When the server encounters an error, it is usually related to the wrong configuration of server-side programming.

Because the HTTP version is not supported, an error does not indicate a problem with your website or a particular post or page. Instead, they often reflect problems specific to visitors' Internet access points, such as networks or ISPs.

Fault repair method

1. If you encounter 505 errors on the website, update your web browser first.

2. The next troubleshooting tip is to upgrade your origin web server software to support the major version of the HTTP protocol you need.

3. Understand which protocols the source server supports and view them to troubleshoot errors. This error may specify which program name does not support the protocol.

4. Ensure that no spaces are left after the HTTP version in the URL. Also, carefully check that the URL you inserted does not contain any special characters that may cause problems.

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