What does it mean that the proxy has a 504 gateway timeout error?


Ana Quil


When you send a request to the server, the server will process the request and respond with the requested resources. The server response includes many HTTP status codes to indicate the status of the response to the browser. The HTTP status code of 5xx class indicates that when the server acts as a gateway or proxy, it does not receive a timely response from the upstream server it needs to access to complete the request.

Since the 504 error is caused by a timeout between servers, the problem may not be the client's device or Internet connection. This also includes your device and connections. 504 gateway timeout error indicates that the web server waited too long for a response from another server and "timed out". There may be several reasons for this timeout: another server is not functioning properly, overloaded, or down.

Due to various operating systems, web servers, browsers and user proxies, 504 gateway timeout errors may be displayed in various forms, such as 504 gateway timeout, 504 gateway timeout nginx, nginx 504 gateway timeout, HTTP error 504, error 504, etc.

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