How to fix 502 gateway errors?


Ana Quil


502 gateway error is usually a network / server problem, but it may also be a client problem. This article will focus on the common causes and repair methods of 502 gateway errors.

1. Try to reload the page

When encountering a 502 error gateway error, you can wait for a while and then reload the page (F5 or Ctrl + F5). The 502 may be caused by the overload of the host or server. After refreshing, the site will recover.

2. Clear browser cache

When you encounter such problems, you can also choose to clear the browser cache.

3. DNS problem

502 gateway errors may also be caused by DNS problems, such as the domain is not resolved to the correct IP, or the DNS server is not responding. You can try to flush the local DNS cache. This is similar to clearing the browser cache.

4. Check your plug-ins and themes

Many times, the server cancels scripts and queries because of code errors in the website, which may come from third-party plug-ins or themes. Many incorrectly configured cache plug-ins generate 502 errors. The solution to this problem is to deactivate all plug-ins.

To sum up, you can take a variety of measures to troubleshoot and repair the 502 gateway error. Generally, 502 errors are related to the server. Attention should be paid to third-party plug-ins and topics with error codes or unoptimized queries.

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