What are the disadvantages of data center proxies?


Sandra Pique


Data center proxy is one of the common proxy types. It can hide the user's real IP address and bypass the local access restrictions of the website. Compared with residential proxies, its advantage is economic. This article will focus on the weaknesses of data center proxies.

1. Less location

To create an IP node, bare metal infrastructure is required, which means physical presence. You need to set up your own data centers in different locations. It is difficult to find a data center company that can provide real global coverage. Ipidea is an overseas crawler proxy. Its IP pool is planned and purchased from many suppliers around the world, so it has a wide range of locations.

2. Easily detected

The diversity of IP subnets in the data center may be very small, and the website will see that you are using the proxy, even if it is completely anonymous. Websites can easily detect data center proxies because their IP belongs to the data center. Compared with residential proxies, data center proxies are also easier to associate with spam.

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