Proxy for network data scraping?


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What is web crawling?

Web page capture or web page collection is a technology to extract relevant requirements and a large amount of data from web pages. The information is stored in a spreadsheet on the local computer. It is very far sighted for enterprises to plan marketing strategies according to the data analysis obtained. Web page capture promotes enterprises to innovate quickly and access the data in the world wide web in real time.

Therefore, if you are an e-commerce company and are collecting data, the web crawler application will help you download hundreds of pages of useful data on your competitor's website without manual processing. Why is web crawling so beneficial? Web page capture eliminates the monotony of manual data extraction and overcomes the obstacles in the process. For example, the data of some websites cannot be copied and pasted. This is where web crawler comes into play to help extract any type of data you need. You can also convert and save it to a format of your choice. When you use the web page capture tool to extract web page data, you will be able to save the data in CSV and other formats.

The data can then be retrieved, analyzed, and used as needed. Web page capture simplifies the process of data extraction and speeds up the processing process by automating it. And easily access the extracted data in CSV format.

Web crawling has many other benefits, such as potential customer development, market research, brand monitoring, anti-counterfeiting activities and machine learning using large data sets. However, as long as web page crawling is carried out within a reasonable range, the use of proxy server is strongly recommended. To extend web crawling projects, understanding proxy management is crucial because it is at the core of extending all data extraction projects.

What is a proxy server?

The IP address is usually as follows: 289.9 879.15.。 When using the Internet, this combination of numbers is basically a label attached to the device to help locate the device. The proxy server is a third-party server that can send routing requests through its server and use its IP server in the process. When using a proxy server, the website requesting it no longer sees the IP address, but the IP address of the proxy server can extract web page data with higher security.

Benefits of using a proxy server

1. The use of proxy server can develop the website with higher reliability, so as to reduce the situation that crawlers are prohibited or blocked.

2. The proxy server enables you to send requests from specific geographical regions or devices (such as mobile IPS) to help you view the content of specific regions displayed on the website. This is very effective when extracting product data from online retailers.

3. Using proxy pool can send higher requests to the target website without being prohibited.

4. The proxy server protects you from IP bans imposed by some websites. For example, a request from an AWS server is usually blocked by a web site because it keeps a record of a large number of requests using the AWS server that cause the web site to overload.

5. Using proxy server, you can have countless concurrent sessions on the same or different websites.

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