How can proxies be used for ad validation?


Sandra Pique


Why do you need advertising verification?

Performance managers and associated marketers know that DSP, SSP and ad servers are to verify their inventory and supply, which has become a part of today's advertising industry. From the perspective of verifying associated links, verifying the correct location of advertisements on the publisher's website and ensuring that there is no malware, ensuring online advertising series has become more important than ever. Those who are involved in fraud know when their partners are visiting their websites and give them wrong information accordingly.

How to detect fraud and malicious activities?

By imitating the cities targeted by the advertising series and even the real users in the operators and Asn, you can ensure the accuracy of the advertising series data you want to verify. The streaming crown proxy provides access to the real user IP. You will be regarded as a customer rather than a partner, and can collect accurate advertising data to truly verify the compliance of advertising and links.

Why use Roxlabs proxy?

Roxlabs provides 90 million residential IP addresses in 220 countries around the world, with security, stability and high anonymity. We have adopted a more preferential housing plan, so that all users can use cost-effective IP services to provide solutions for all your needs.

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