How can proxies be used for price comparison?


Sandra Pique


Retailers, travel websites and e-commerce websites clearly know that price comparison is the key to their daily operation. Companies price their products with reference to the prices of competitors to ensure their competitive advantage. These websites will constantly track and understand when competitors visit their websites, and then feed back error information to them to maintain their price competitiveness.

How to collect the correct data?

By imitating real customers, you can get unlimited amount of the most accurate data. Roxlabs proxy provides you with a real user IP. You will be regarded as a customer rather than a competitor, and you will see the accurate data of the target geographical location.

Why use Roxlabs proxy?

Roxlabs provides 90 million residential IP addresses in 220 countries around the world, with security, stability and high anonymity. We have adopted a more preferential housing plan, so that all users can use cost-effective IP services to provide solutions for all your needs.

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