How can proxies be used for site testing?


Sandra Pique


The content of most websites will take into account the location of users in order to adapt to the content, advertising and third-party data displayed on the website. Testing from the local desktop can be a challenge. Website publishers, engineers, developers and quality analysts need to test the websites they create and maintain. Ensuring that code, sites, advertisements, or web applications perform as expected is critical to the success of the site. Accurate testing begins with setting the right parameters and the right environment.

How to create an accurate website testing environment?

In order to create a perfect test environment, analysts need to imitate real users. This can be done by using the right software type, the right device, and the right geographic IP type. The combination of proxy network service and correct automation tools makes it easy and accurate to test the performance of website. You can also test through various geographical locations. If it is related to your adaptive content, you can also test through different IP types (residential, VPS dial-up).

Why use Roxlabs proxy?

Roxlabs provides 90 million residential IP addresses in 220 countries around the world, with security, stability and high anonymity. We have adopted a more preferential housing plan, so that all users can use cost-effective IP services to provide solutions for all your needs.

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