What is a customer agent?


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How to list the customer agents to crawl?

What is a customer agent?

Do you know that every web surfer has an account agent? The definition of customer agent itself indicates that it is the Internet technology of customer means. But what is the effect of a customer agent being a consumer? What is a customer agent?

Customer agents are the bridge between customers and Internet technology. Imagine if you had to specify computer browsers, computer operating systems, mobile software, and device types of information. Internet technology will be complex and time-consuming. That's why every computer browser has a customer agent.

The client agent crawls the price.

Price capture is one of the most important types of web page capture for every company. It helps intellectual-property firms track real-time market prices for items on competitors' web sites.

Naturally, some sites block all information collection, as many people are afraid to trust cloud computing platforms to browse. There are many ways to block web page capture, but another is to block requests from client agents that are not part of the main computer browser. It is one of the first checks that allows the database to identify exception requirements.

During the entire Internet capture process, the web server receives many requests. For example, if the customer agent is the same, the web server will require identification of an abnormal subject activity. Most web page capture tools are not easy to use to change customer agents, but as you know by now, it is extremely important.

In addition, you should keep in mind that maintaining customer agents is recent, as every computer browser or computer operating system is subject to change customer agents.

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